I can relate to your issue, but NOT your reaction to an ill passenger onboard. I hope that passenger was OK. We sailed on a T/A April past and diverted to the Azores as opposed to going to Bermuda because of bad weather in Bermuda on our expected arrival day. During the night after leaving the Azores, the ship turned around and headed back towards Punta Delgada Azores due to a passenger that had acute appendicitis. Once we got near the coast, a med-evac (helicopter) removed the ill passenger from the ship, we turned around and continued towards the U.K. Once at the hospital in the Azores, her appendix burst. No one raised ANY concern over the itinerary change, only the safety, condition and recovery of the passenger. So upsetting for you to have had your cruise interrupted due to some inconsiderate passenger haveing the nerve to get deathly ill (if they needed blood, they were VERY ill). The captain never announced our return to the Azores nor the situation taking place. He only mentioned that there would be an "At Sea" med-evac conducted. Get over it! Hope you never have to go through what that passenger did on your ship!!