If you are going to Bermuda this year on Breakaway be aware that you will be paying more and have less flexibly using the local transport this year. They plan to sell only One Day Transportation Passes, no tokens or two or three day passes for the ferrys and buses. Their intention is to force cruise passengers to use expensive taxis and other private services. One of the reasons I have booked Bermuda cruises is the convenient transportation system. If they the persist in this unfriendly policy of not selling two and three day passes at the Dockyard I won't be booking any more cruises to Royal Naval Dockyard. I suggest that if you have Bermuda booked bring some rolls of quarters as paying exact change will be a way not to be forced to buy a separate $19 one day pass for each day or use to use taxis.

In the article below they mention they are testing the policy on the Breakaway's first sailing.