It looks like all significant mass market cruise lines have now abolished balcony smoking except for HAL, leaving HAL the only game in town. The big question is, what happens if smokers begin to saturate most of HAL's balconies due these changes?


My view is that it will take a period of time for repercussions to manifest. Smokers may not flock to HAL as some fear, instead remain with their favorite cruise line even though they prohibit balcony smoking. On the other hand, as many have postulated, HAL ships might become the "Ashtrays of the Seas". 

Some folks can be pretty stubborn regarding similar issues at times. Personally, we have experienced enough and heard enough pursuant to the HAL smoking situation to have serious concerns . Any rate, we watch and wait, and pay attention to those HAL posters with very recent HAL cruise experience in order to become knowledgeable about any pertinent trends that might germinate. In the meantime, HAL will be sailing without us.


It is important to realize that this all is a very recent development. Cruise experience on a HAL ship a year or more ago is really not relevant. At this time, no one knows, for certain, what is going to happen on HAL. Perhaps HAL might even join the others in their prohibition.