I am trying to find the best cruise for my family (five of us, two of our children are 20 and one is 21).  We have narrowed it down to the following dates, Jan. 2 - 9, and leaving from Florida (since we live there).  Our choices are, the new NCL Escape, HAL Westerdam, Celebrity Reflection, Carnival Valor.  My dilemma is that I like the ports on the HAL Westerdam cruise, but I'm worried the ship is to small and without much nightlife for my twenty-something children.  The NCL Escape looks like there is a lot for the young adults to do, but will it be too crowded with lots of kids running around?  Are there long lines at the water slides and such?  There is also one less stop with the NCL cruise, but will that matter?  The Celebrity is the only ship we have narrowed down to that is going to the Western Caribbean.  But is that ship too "old" for the my twenty-something kids?  And the Carnival Valor, is that too much of a party ship?  Anyway, you see my dilemma!  I really could use help here.  Thanks!!