Jet skiers were in trouble late Saturday when they found themselves right in the path of the Carnival Magic as she was departing the port. One girl fell off the jet ski and when she tried to get back into the craft, it tipped over.   Strong breezes pulled two spring breakers close to the bow of the ship which was still  in the navigation channel. Luckily the quick action of Port Canaveral  Harbor Pilot Capt. Doug Brown who while navigating the ship through the channel, noticed the danger, & alerted the  Brevard County Sheriff Marine Unit. The marine patrol boat operated by Deputy Taner Primmer was in the water at the time.  Working with the captain of the ship, Brown was able to maneuver the vessel away from the boaters, while Taner in the patrol boat quickly pulled the girls to safety before they could be pulled under the ship.    A passenger on board videotaped the rescue & it is posted on Youtube.