I know there are a lot opinions out there about the 3 major cruise lines. We've been on the Carnival Pride and RCL Allure of the Seas. Enjoyed them both. We have a reservation on Freedom of the Seas next April but are considering switching to a Feb '17 cruise on NCL Escape. They have a great offer going on right now. The "Free at Sea" promotion. Prices are comparable when you take all factors into consideration.


What I'm looking for are straight forward opinions about NCL. We picked this NCL cruise as our other option mainly due to the ship. We are intrigued by the Escape and what it has to offer. Looks a lot like a ship that fits our style. So, if some of you veteran cruisers can give us some tips, we'd greatly appreciate some feedback. I realize opinions are subjective but hearing about others experiences help. Thanks for your time and comments in advance.