If your hesitating don't!....
Falmouth, Jamaica was one of the ports on my cruise aboard the Allure of the Seas. It was also a big reason we decided on that specific cruise. I have to say I was absolutely stunned reading reviews about this port for the last few months. Almost to the point that I hesitated wondering if I should even get off the ship! (Especially with my 2 boys in tow ages 6 and 9).
Some of the feedback I received was….they will try to sell you drugs! The vendors are Very aggressive! Or It’s just not safe!
Well my reasoning is I say NO to drugs, If I can handle vendors in Cancun this has to be a piece of cake and regarding safety you just have to be smart. I obviously don’t plan on walking around by myself in the middle of the night or in a not so great area. I wouldn’t do those things in my own state either though. Common sense really.
So of course we disembarked!
Although construction is still ongoing around the port itself, the area open to passengers is cheerful and clean. There are buildings to house dozens of shops, a 40-vendor craft market, restaurants, and transportation centers are scheduled for the future. You don't have to look far to already find the warmth and hospitality of the Jamaican people. Everyone we met was very welcoming.
Lining either side of the walkway to exit the port are illustrated signboards with historic and cultural information about the town of Falmouth, as well as the country of Jamaica.
And for those concerned with safety security for the port complex is tight. It is surrounded by high fencing with controlled access.
No one gets in there who isn’t supposed to so in my opinion…
Get OFF the boat! Get some jerk chicken & a Red Stripe & enjoy the Jamaican culture!
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