OUCH!!! Good review yet an unexpected one for MSC! Even though I have never sailed MSC, I always considered them to be "top shelf" in accordance with their pricing. When I started to read you review, I stsrted to fault the problems to "maybe" new crew on the ship. But, as I read on, there is NO way the WHOLE ship was new crew members. By the way, RCCL does the "everyone in the cabin must buy" a drink card but that pertains to the alcohol plans. I tried to get one just for myself on the Jewel and the Brilliance last year but it had to be for both my wife and I. I explained to RCCL that my wife doesn't and has never drank alcohol and their response was that the only way to get around it was to fax to them a doctors note saying she is allergic to alcohol. Now, if she has never had ANY alcohol in her 45+ years, how would she know she is allergic? Thanks for the post. It put's a new light on MSC for me.