Since you have cruised on Carnival 7 or 12 times and tried a different cruise line, I would say that you love Carnival in that it is known as a "party ship".  I have done Carnival and it was horrible compared to that of RC, NCL & Holland, and MSC in 24 days.  Carnival had horrible food, lines were like standing to get free food; ate chicken, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, the entire 5 days; big screen was used to watch videos all day.  If that's someone's idea of a "fun ship', then I guess Carnival is it. I only choose Carnival for the ports. You have to remember that you are comparing apples to oranges (I know this is our different opinions) and these cruise lines are all well above that of Carnival, but if this is all you are used to, then the comparison is normally going to be for what you are used to, not change.  You even complained about the ports, which you have total control over.