before there was now, I spent a lot of time at Carnival's own webpage known as Funville.  Though primarily for Carnival guests, it was an open forum.  There were people with quite a bit of experience willing to help out others, though often sarcasm and snarkiness ( and a lot of arguing ) could be had.  Especially if the question was, shall we say, downright stupid. More on that later. Anyway, here is a post I found last night from one of the moderators.



Dear Member of Funville,

Nearly 10 years ago, we launched Funville to help folks plan their cruises. The internet has changed since then, and today people research and plan travel differently. We’ve adapted Funville over time as well — many early members remember changes based on their feedback!

We know you guys love connecting with Carnival and other cruisers on the forums, and we love that you’ve made it “your place” online… in the same way many people think of Carnival as their place for vacation. We’ve spent the last few months surveying visitors, reading the forums and researching how Funville is actually being used in 2016. 

This led to the tough decision to close Funville this summer. We found that while active members are as passionate as ever, there’s a clear trend towards larger social platforms. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are great places to connect with cruisers and Carnival in real-time. You also probably know John Heald — our Sr. Cruise Director/Brand Ambassador — and his Facebook page is an incredibly active place. John hosts daily (sometimes hourly!) conversations about cruising, and all are welcome there.

We owe you our thanks for all the love you’ve put into Funville over the years, and we’d like to stay in touch. Should you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us in any of the following places:  

Thank you, 

The Funville Team