Here is a topic that I have come across recently regarding the cruise ships that are coming off the line this and next year.

A questions has been asked about the seaworthiness of these mega ships. The ones with super high decks and shallow draft. Recently a cruise ship had a bit of difficulty during a rough storm in the Atlantic. There were some comments about some passengers and fears of capsizing due to the imbalance and the ship being top heavy.

It would amaze me that any corporations running these cruise lines would intentionally endanger the paying customer and staff, but just looking at the size of these ships make me wonder a bit. Now I have a cruise booked on NCL to Bermuda next year and I may toss in a cruise in later this year depending on the value of the Canadian Dollar, so I won't stop cruising.

I would like to hear other thoughts on the matter. Just looking at the size of these mega ships......