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Other than the bar where is the best place to meet people and just Talk?

I know may seem odd to some but I enjoy learning about others worlds. We live in such a big world made up of so many tiny worlds. People are real hesitant tot discuss where they have been where they are and their visions.

I know the library is available. Did find some peaceful places on deck at times where other people were but many have that look of do not bother me! Sad!

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We just go with the flow. We meet people in the MDR, Tea Time or on excursions. Some peple are friendly and are quite easy to converse with while others could not be bothered. It's a hit or miss realm of possibilities.

People go on cruises for a variety of reasons. Many go to get away from incessant, endless demands on their time and personal space.. Many do go to meet and chatter. Ships libraries are one of the first places we visit, usually to grab a book or two if theres any we find interesting. They generally aren't places where people meet to chatter. Some folks like them to sit and read in peace, just like at home. Neighbors at the pool may make small talk, if they've a mind...or not. Since we have figured out how to get at the adults only parts of the ships we've been on lately (limited availability) yakking isn't a problem. but even there, people have the absolute right to be left alone, and some do.. Nothing sad about it. and even if you don't drink, getting a seat at a bar, having a soda, or a virgin drink, and chatting is top of the list. They aren't some grungy bar where the old timers stare at the liquor labels.

I hate doing the dinner thing....I know its a big part of cruising but I have met some really judgmental people and you are forced to eat dinner night after night....I wish there was a 2 table option. the only thing I hate about cruising because of that one group.

You might like the NCL dining then as there are many tables for 2 and no set times. Dining is open. RCL also offers this on their newer and larger ships.

We did that exactly once (the dinner thing you're complaining about)...wound up with another couple from hell...after dinner went straight to the maître d' night we had a table for two, but the location was in an aisle and really sucked (on another line) now we stick with NCL, (subject to change but that's another story) eat when you want, and tables for two are plentiful..get there early, and a window is almost always available, no matter what ship, get there a little later and you might have a short wait. There are similar options available elsewhere too, you just need to avail yourself of them. FWIW, we met some interesting people waiting for the MDR's to open, and in line,..more than once we dined with people we had just met..and had a grand ol time. but basically we prefer to dine alone...small talk gets old sometimes...and sometimes not...

Mealtime is a big deal on cruises, no matter which line or where you choose to eat..if its screwed up, well....

On Carnival, as soon as we board we go to the matre d and ask for a table for 2, and we get it. Same for breakfast' all you got to do is ask.Interesting, tho, our last cruise on Vista, we went to do our usual table for 2 thing, and the Matre d says he grouped us with our age group and our platinum status. Asked us to try for one night and if we don't like it, he will gladly move us. It WORKED!!! We actually enjoyed our table mates!!. We still did breakfast for 2 tho.

I'm from Maine and I love to talk to most anybody as well. So with this cruise in September being mine and my husband's first cruise, I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow cruise mates and seeing Bermuda.

We've been on 4 cruises, and I have come to the conclusion, the size of the ship also effects the sociability of people. 3 cruises on RCCL Oasis ships, and we'd talk to a few people here and there. On our cruise on Empress, people seemed MUCH more personable, and we had long conversations with people from all over the US, Canada, Austrailia, and Europe!

About the young generation I agree. But what pisses me off the most are parents teaching their kids not to trust others, not to trust their friend because a good friend it's hard to find. This is one of the stupidest things I ever heard. These kids grow up and end up not socializing, not trusting. They feel better by scrolling Instagram and liking strangers' photos. And they are fake even on the internet, the use of fake personalities, fake photos, fake friends. I was shocked when I heard that there are services like

They teach them so because they don't want them to get hurt. I taught my kids the same and now they have strong relationships with the few friends that they made.


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