The Hawaiian cruise had 3 "announced" medical emergencies and probably countless additional ones due to rocky seas and wet decks. The first one involved tendering a patient back to shore with heart issues in Maui.  The second was a lady who collapsed when dancing and the third was a drunk we left in Ensenada.

It can be somewhat unsettling when you hear a medical announcement on the loud speaker but the captain was always good about giving as much info as possible. Our ship was delayed leaving port for about two or three hours on the heart attack victim.  The woman was revived on site and ironically my husband and I met her and the doctor escorting her back to her room in the elevator.  When the medical alert for assistance in the Piazza sounded, the response time must have been instantaneous because it was less than an half hour when we saw her being taken back to her room. I said to the dr in the elevator - uh oh sounds like another medical emergency and the woman spoke up and said, it was me, I forgot to take my medication but I am fine and this nice dr is taking me to my room.

The third emergency was detailed by the captain as a passenger who was drunk in Ensenada and would not be re-boarding as they were removing his belongings and leaving him on shore to seek medical attention there. That delayed departure about 3 hours.

 I have experienced about 15 medical emergencies when cruising and I am always impressed by the way Princess handles them with minimal inconvenience to the rest of the passengers.