OUCH!!! Hope she's doing better. PLEASE keep in mind that any hairline fracture never truly heals completely and can be re-fractured by the littlest thing, even just walking when you consider it's her hip! Nothing worse than the excitement of an upcoming cruise being affected by an unfortunate incident. Don't get Oceania's "No wheelchair" policy!! What's that all about? I guess they don't expect those with limited ability aboard their ships! My wife had one on our Princess cruise and even though she can walk a bit, she can't stand for long and Princess afforded us a wheelchair (and a crew member) for boarding and at disembarkation without question. As for the luggage boarding and disembarking, they are right. The port luggage handling is controlled by the port and not the cruise line so there is little they can do about that. Sorry. Best of luck on your next cruise. Make sure your wife treads lightly!