A couple of things that confuse me here (and maybe you can clear them up for me) is that as a travel agent, you hold an I20? An I20 relates to a "Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Academic and Language Students" studying in the United States. As a "travel agent", I would hope you would have known you needed the I20 to travel in the first place. You identify yourself as a travel agent yet this was your first cruise? That IS possible I guess but as a travel agent, you don't know ANY other agents that have cruised before that could have advised you? Since this was your (supposed) first cruise, and your were leaving from the U.S., did you call RCCL or did you just rely on their website? Just relying on website information in a situation such as yours to me is poor planning. There are too many circumstances regarding cruising from a foreign country (which you were) not to take EVERY step to ensure you had all the information you needed to cruise. You post your review regarding the "Majesty of the Seas" yet you never even made it on board! If I had ever arrived at the pier without necessary documentation, I would not be allowed to board either so I MAKE SURE before I cruise, I do research. Sounds like you did not. IMHO, I think there's more to this story than you are revealing.... Sorry.