I would like to point out a few things that may help in your future booking plans on any cruise line. Who promised you the wheelchair? Was it the cruise line or your agent. If the latter, your negativity should lay with your agent. You should also confirm the request with the cruiseline prior to the cruise as they solely arrange the wheelchair requests. All ports have wheelchairs and I know this because my wife had needed one to board the last 3 of our 13 cruises and we have never had an issue getting one. You had to wait for the rooms to be ready most likely because you boarded early. With RCCL and most cruise lines, cabins aren't available until at least 1pm. Your long walk to your cabin should have been obvious from the time you booked it as your booking agent should have been more empathetic towards your disability to walk far and book you a cabin closer to the elevators. When you request a private table for two, it is not a guarantee, just a request and the Maitre'd has control over the seating in the diningroom. It seems that you had explained about your pain and difficulty getting around throughout your review so maybe you should have waited a bit longer to take your cruise. Best of luck next cruise.