Love Boat... More like the Poo Boat

Here is an email sent to Princess Cruises while I was still on the cruise.


Quite disgusting and disturbing


We are in cabin D625. We have many problems that I need to share.

First, upon arrival we discovered a used tooth brush on the shelf in the bathroom, now in and of itself not a big deal. But let us look deeper. Because if someone cleaned the bathroom and wiped it down (disinfected it) the toothbrush (that was on a tissue) would have been found. With all the hand sanitizer around and previous bouts of disease one would think that is a situation. But again I report it and it goes nowhere. A clear health problem yet no one seem to care.

Second, our toilet has not worked properly since boarding. We flush and the wait for up to 3 hours before the toilet actually flushes, and then not completely. Urine may be taken away but
the paper stays. A second or third flush is needed. As for solid waste, well we have had to sail with that sloshing around in the bowl with urine for hours as well. We have reported each instance many times and have been apologized to often, many times with a promise of a plumber being contacted personally by the front desk. Again sailing with excrement and urine is not my idea of a fun cruise. Sloshing and spilling on the floor as the bowl fills up. Again cannot be a healthy situation. I have video of the non-flushing if you wish. Again I have asked to speak with ship management and we have been ignored or whatever, but nobody cares. If an outbreak occurred I know where to start looking.

Third, the crew that is sent to investigate. Well mostly have been kind or trying to be (Ferdinand is nice) except for Corinna at the front desk. I believe that is how you spell her name. She came to the cabin and stood at our door in the most condescending manner. Like I was annoying her in explaining that my toilet is not flushing for days and it is spilling onto the floor. When my wife said all we want is to be made a priority as the situation is a health issue that has been going on for days, Corinna told us that we are not a priority. Nice customer service. I reiterated that I would like to speak to the hotel manager and she said she would bring it up at the morning meeting. I guess we are not a priority for we have yet to hear from anyone. We told Corinna to leave before it got really heated. We discussed the situation in the hallway as other passengers passed by. The looks from them really told a story.

Next, last night we found blood on our comforter that was not there when we left for our dinner but was when we returned. Again I have pictures. It was gone when we returned from breakfast. Talk about health code violations. Again I would love to be able to speak with management onboard but alas we are not priority so, blood, urine, bowel movements sloshing around on the floor, not a priority.

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I appreciate you may have had problems, but why send an E-mail to the cruise line when you are actually on the ship. Makes no sense to me. Cannot understand why the fact that you are not "priority" as you call it, would have any difference in you wanting to discuss a matter with a senior official on board

I concur with Ewoodspark... why send an email to corporate when you can go directly to guest services on board? None of this makes sense... and why post this letter here? It isn't a review. What are you hoping to accomplish? You did not actually give the ship an opportunity to respond to the problems you outline above.

Here here. We have sailed on Golden twice now and cleanliness has always been above average and staff, have not met any that would not go out of their way to assist. I feel you may have approached you issue the WRONG way.

i hope you enjoy your next cruise

This is a disturbing tale - and I see that it is over a year old. Not good for the cruise business - at all. On the other hand - I have sailed with Princess LOTS and never had experiences remotely similar - yes there was that one time on the Crown Princess when my bathroom stank of mildew (or something) that couldn't be rectified during my stay - but nothing that approaches your tale of woe. On the other hand - the toilets work on a suction/vacuum system that should prevent anything like you describe. The "blood on the coverlet" story is disturbing - but again, hard to comprehend. Surely a drop would have gone unnoticed - and a gout would have required medical care?

The original problem was a year ago. We have sailed Princess twice and have always had any issues responded to quickly. We obviously are not Elite status, so that did not play into the matter. Sorry the OP had such a bad experience, I wonder if they're still cruising.

How terrible!

I wonder why this thread was resurrected?

I don't know, but I do have to agree with BillnGwen -- it sounds like the OP may have been a bit too "up front" with his "requests". Never a good idea when looking to have someone help you.

We were taught manners as children so we would use them throughout life. Some people seem to have forgotten theirs.

Sounds like another tale where the guest thinks they are the ONLY person on the ship and whatever they command is supposed to be the ships highest priority. On the cruises I have been on, mostly Carnival, never experienced anything like this and the toilets are as another poster stated on a suction based system. There is very very little water in the toilet to be "sloshing about" as reported. I work in the hotel industry and a spot of blood on a comforter could easily go missed. Could have been from him or his wife without their knowledge from a nick or a paper cut, could have happened from the room steward for the same situation. Maybe they didn't realize they had a cut. On the other hand if the comforter had a pattern, even harder to find. I think this person is blowing everything out of proportion. He did say that the comforter was replaced the next day.


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