We sailed the maiden 9 day voyage on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston, TX for its first sailing from Galveston departing November 13 2015. Our luggage was lost somewhere between getting off the ship and the port. RCL has stopped its search as of yesterday (two weeks of looking). They think someone must have taken it, either by accident or possibly on purpose. We bought the extra travel insurance but unfortunately it only covers UP TO $1600. We had $3200 worth of items in that bag!!!! If anyone who traveled on that voyage knows anything about luggage that was maybe accidentally picked up, PLEASE contact me! We are so very disappointed with RCL over this! We are Diamond members and have sailed with RCL for over 20 years, and never had anything like this happen before! But the fact that we bought the extra insurance to cover a situation like this and it not actually cover it is highway robbery!

I know its a long-shot but anyone with any info on a large, Gray/Silver hardbody Samsonite suitcase, with LSU luggage tags please, please, please contact me!

Marcie Magnusson