Heading home from a fantastic trip of a lifetime around Cape Horn on the Crown Princess - disembarked in Buenos Aires (absolutely refused to pay the $800 extortion "visa" fee to "enter" Brazil). Flew from Buenos Aires with LATAM air (they have a FANTASTIC executive lounge). Got to Lima Peru and NIGHTMARE CITY. Mass confusion at the "connecting airlines" queues - we struggled down a lengthy corridor towards an enormous line only to find that the line snaked over one hundred meters down ANOTHER corridor. FINALLY got to security - to have my wife pulled (rather brusquely) out of line and publicly frisked - the good news was that the security "guard" doing the frisking was female. The bad news is that the frisk was as intimate as it was public (all the way up - not to mention the "lift and separate" part).  Nor was I deprived of a memorable experience. The diminutive Peruvian security guard assigned to me seemed disappointed not to hear the metal detector beep and only brightened a bit when she spotted my cigars - which she proceeded to squeeze and pinch through their cellophane sleeves. Alas - she reduced my Cohibas to pipe tobacco.  Lima's Int'l Airport is to be AVOIDED if possible.