Look back and try to remember your first cruise.  Ours was over 20 years ago, so it's a little tough.  Now, look back at your most recent cruise.. Were you just as excited as you were preparing for your first ?  Were you just as thrilled during the latest one ?  Were you disappointed to get off. I mean really upset like you were the first time ?

I'm guessing probably not. We find more faults now. We know not everything is perfect. We actually look at certain things in awe ( not good awe either ).  What newbies find amazing, we think back to how things were. Take the food for example.  If you've been on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, even NCL, can you say the food was spectacular?  We love Norwegian, but sometimes the food is blasé.  Better than Carnival, but not HAL or Princess.  Carnival ? meh. I don't go on vacation to find meatloaf and Mac & cheese on the menu.

Now that I've depressed you.....enjoy your next cruise