Sorry you had a bad experience on your first cruise. This was a learning experience for you as far as cruising goes. A bit of research prior to booking goes a long way because anytime between Mid February to the end of April is usually Spring Break time. Breakers will usually choose short cruises to the Caribbean from the U.S. for their vacation. As for the trash around the ship and the pot smoking, this should have been addressed by the ship IMMEDIATELY!! Knowing of these conditions, they should have assigned more crew to clean up after these dirt bags and tracked down those with pot and had them arrested and removed from the ship at the next port. I recommend you type up a strong letter and MAIL (don't send it via the "Contact Us" link on the RCCL website) to the corporate office. It may take a few months to get a response but be assured you will get some kind of reparation for your bad experience. Best of luck.