Thanks for the review. I see that it has been about 15 years between cruises, That makes a big difference. In many cases the cruisers on this site will tell you they cruise because of (a) the ship or (b) the destinations. I find there is no other value, as in, "bang for my buck" than taking a cruise. I can spend as much or as little as I want.

Please don't give up on cruising as a Yearly Holiday destination. I would highly recommend that you contact a few Travel Agents and discuss your expectations and what you want out of a holiday. A good agent will make all the difference, as my own experience will tell you. There will be good and bad itineraries, just as there are  good and not so good services on board a ship. So for the  next trip. Meet with an agent, bring the kids and plan a great holiday. My suggestion? and I'm not an agent would be a transit of Panama, Have the teachers assign an historical project for the kids to blog about, therefore making them a part of the overall experience, plan a few exotic tours, " rain forest, Manta ray swims etc.

And for you and your spouse.... make time for a long couples spa day.

oh and have fun next trip.