now that the Anthem of the Seas is back at her home port of Bayonne, NJ, it should only be a matter of days ( day ? ) til the first law suits are filed. If they haven't been already.  With only about 4 minor injuries, thankfully, we can expect others to file for millions of $$$$$ for negligence on the part of Royal Caribean.   Even though the weather they encountered was worse than predicted, Royal will be deemed, " at fault " .    

Perhaps this will give someone cause to rethink the size of these ships, and their higher center of gravity.  Looking at the clips, the cruise industry may have dodged a major disaster on this one, again, thankfully.   On a ship you never want to see life imitate art, but how many passengers were thinking of the Poseidon Adventure during this storm ?

Glad everyone made it home safe.  

Dont expect more than about 15-20% off a future cruise, and possibly a refund for this one.