Dear Your Royal Highness,
There is no point in people like you going on royal Caribbean. They are meant to be fun family entertainment ships not cunard, they're clearly not posh enough for you, maybe next time try a canoe where we don't have to listen to your complaints. Mercedes has a fantastic enthusiasm as she manages to provide a highly dynamic range of activities for everyone to enjoy. Her enthusiasm is something to be admired not criticised. If royal Caribbean isn't boring enough for you then feel free to go elsewhere instead of criticising a very hard working woman who works to provide an excellent service. I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise and it's activities and hope that I have the pleasure of having her as a cruise director on my future royal Caribbean cruises. Also, I forgot that new guests were a problem, they must have really inconvenienced you. Did they not curtsey as you passed? Was the staffs attitude poor as well? You, the passenger who is clearly a pain in the arse, had probably complained to the extent where they may not provide the 6 star standard you were clearly expecting.
A suggestion for your next holiday, don't bother as most people struggle to maintain your impeccable standards.
Kind regards