New cruise ships seem to be trying to outdo each other with the newest WOW amenities.  Would any of these new amenities entice you to book on that particular ship?  I am talking about Live Concert Series, 4D Theater, Virtual Balconies and Virtual Portholes on Inside cabins, Ice Bar, Glass Floor Walkway, Starbucks, Aqua Cycling (bikes submerged in pool,) Robot Bars and Bartenders, Sky Diving Simulator, Celebrity Chefs, North Star Capsule (lifts you 300 feet over the ocean,) Trapeze Classes, Broadway Shows, Bon Appetit Culinary Centers, Lawn Cub (you can cook steaks for your group,) Bumper Cars, Bowling Alley, Boxing Ring, Ice Skating Rink & Ice Shows, Zip Line and Rope Course, Cantilevered Whirlpools, Water & Light Show, Vertical Herb Garden, Molecular Bar, Carousel, Illusionarium (Magic& Illusion Theater,) Sauna with a view, Rising Tide Bar, Broadway Shows, etc... just to name a few.