Just because your cruise didn't go as planned, DON'T DO THIS...........

So, your cruise wasn't perfect. Most aren't, despite our best efforts. Now comes the time to write a review of your vacation. Well, it's ok to tell everyone about your personal experience. What was good, what was not so good.....but please....DON'T WRITE THE FOLLOWING ADVICE ( insert any cruise line ) ;


telling everyone to Not Cruise a Particular Line, because you had a bad experience, is just plain stupid. Because I guarantee, someone else on that same cruise, had a great time.

We've sailed NCL 7 or 8 times, with another booked for August. Obviously, our experiences differ. Some people swear by RCCL. Not us. It was our worst cruise to date. But I would never advise against sailing RCCL.

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You raise a very important point, especially for this site. I look at other people's reviews as a way to gauge possible future cruises that my husband and I book. It isn't the only factor, but it weighs in significantly. A review title of "Never again on XXX cruise line" gets my attention but more often than not these review are not the least bit helpful, especially when the content does not articulate the reasons for such a hostile rating.

There are many reasons that people post both overly positive or negative reviews. One that is very important to a review and networking site is competitive business bashing. When there is an organized effort to bash a particular business, it impacts the rating average and can cause a significant amount of damage to both reputation and future business. While a single bad review isn't going to torpedo an entire cruise line, when a trend begins to appear, it bears monitoring and investigation.

Another thing to consider is that this site's incentives are point based. There is an inherent conflict built into the system because quantity is rewarded as opposed to quality. For someone wanting to climb the status ladder, posting a review presents as a relatively easy way in which to garner a significant number of points. To counter this, perhaps there is some way to incentivize a well-thought out and complete review - be it positive or negative?

We all have suffered through bad days while on vacation but a well-adjusted person will get over a momentary blip and enjoy the balance of their vacation time. Fixating on one or two issues and allowed those to overshadow an entire vacation (and its resulting review) is neither productive nor healthy. As an aside, we vividly recall a cruise we almost didn't get to take. We faced a seemingly endless series of mishaps to the point that climbing under a rock presented as an attractive option. We barely made it out of Boston before a historic blizzard shut down the city for days. I ended up in a San Juan ED trying to get antibiotics for a developing strep throat for hours prior to boarding (finally got them after we boarded). I self-quarantined for 48 hours (in an inside cabin) before I felt human enough to return to the land of the living. Was it a great vacation? Nope... but none of what happened was the cruise line's fault. In the end, the cruise ended up going very well overall despite the rocky start.

One action I started taking is to flag pointless rants or an attack posts for admin review. Both types of interaction are needless distractions, create unnecessary discord, and do nothing to add value to the discussions taking place here.

The review that inspired this post isn't, but the vast majority of our reviews are Verified, which means that through our partnerships with cruise-specialist travel agencies we know the reviewer sailed on the cruise they are reviewing. Much easier to trust.

We've seen very little evidence that users are generating/posting low-value content simply to accrue loyalty points.

Members receive 3 additional points for every 'helpful' vote their review receives, which is to encourage quality reviews. We're working on some changes to the review writing process that we hope will encourage more detailed and useful reviews. Stay tuned.

Thanks Simon - of all the forums, this is the one I find provides the best feedback and most thoughtful responses. :)

I also can't stand when someone states that, oh let's say Carnival, I only cruise Carnival because they are the best line out there...... Then you find out they have never been on another line. Sorry, you aren't qualified to make the above statement. Now, if you want to say that you only cruise Carnival because you always have a great experience, and don't feel the need to try another line, well that's fine. Personally, I think if you limit yourself to one line you are doing yourself a disservice. Compare lines. You may be surprised that your preconceived notions are wrong.. Wink

People all have the rite to an opinion. The great thing of this site is it lets people post their opinions. It does not white wash the bad reviews for the cruise lines. This way we can get to see the good and bad posted. I have read bad reviews of a cruise and then the next review of the very same cruise is good. Each person on the same ship will have a different experience. Each review is just one persons experience of that cruise.

Just because I like Carnival and not NCL is no reason to get negative feed back if I post a bad review for NCL with documented reason of what was bad and why. I have posted negative and positive reviews for both lines.

If I do not like a review I can just not give it a helpful vote. I think that there should also be a place to vote that a review is not useful. Reviews should be about the cruise, not a bad review because of trouble with the travel agent.

Right ! They have the right to give an opinion based on their experience, and post what and why they are giving a poor review. But to tell others........avoid XYZ Cruiseline....because the food is terrible, and the service sux, etc.......is just ridiculous. I guarantee, my voyage on the Splendor last October, which I thought was only an ok experience, there were people who thought it was an amazing cruise. But I don't come on here telling others, whatever you do, don't take Carnival !!!!! I'd look like an idiot. Now, if you ask me why I choose NCL over Carnival, I'll give several reasons. And, having sailed all the accessible lines, my opinion should be worth more than someone who has only sailed 3 times, on the same line. Maybe worth more is the wrong term, but you know what I mean.

Your experiences on cruise ships, with multiple lines is far more valuable than my 3 cruises on two lines. Your views on Carnival as opposed to Princess is what I would depend on based on verified reviews and opinions. I would probably not travel on a Carnival Cruise based on my particular likes and dislikes, while Celebrity, HAL and Princess are geared more toward my demographic. Opinions do matter as they gauge the level of concern that travellers who want their views read have for the satisfaction of the travellers.

I would like the reviews to add age groups in. What a 20 something finds great is not what a 50 or 60 something finds great. The reviews state if traveling "with friends, couple, family with young kids, family with older kids or traveling solo" I think an age category would be helpful.

Just noticed another example of a bad experience that had nothing to do with the cruise type of review. It's really unfortunate but there is a level of personal responsibility involved in traveling, right?

So correct. The old adage. Plan the work-work the plan.

No surprises.


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