no air fare affords us the ability to book last minute.  Got a txt yesterday from a friend about a cruise in January.  We all need to get away for a few days. In short, we'll find out what it's like to be Platinum as we booked yet another trip on the Gem (#5),  10 days, eastern.   If you are wondering, yes, we did get  " our cabin ", for the 4th time.

This is the same itinerary we did in March, so that Viewmaster camera that came late last time, will be coming with us this time.  I can only imagine the looks I'll get when people see this thing.


Oh, one advantage of calling Norwegian directly, is the ability to actually talk to a live person.   We were able to book lower than the advertised rates by not accepting the  " special cruise deals ".  Those free gratuities aren't exactly free, they're just prepaid.  Those three meals in dining venues aren't free either.    I guess if you drink a lot it might be worth the open bar option, but we don't. We also don't use the Wi-Fi.    I think we do get one free meal in LeBistro for being Platinum.  I'll have to look up our perks.  I know we get some laundry done, one bag each for free, maybe, I think.......   Hopefully the rain won't be following us around this time.    



Glad to s e the website is back up.