Off of the cruise topic,  but thought I'd put in a new topic.


Today it got down to a bristly 82 degrees F here in sunny in So Cal.   All the stores have had X-mass lights out for sale prior to Halloween this year.  Last month I pruned the big trees so they would be ready for lights.   Today I took out the extension ladder and got the eves boards strung with the Icicle lights and got the smaller of the trees all wrapped in the new LED lights that every 4th lights twinkles to give a shimmering effect when branches are wrapped (this year I got commercial grade lights, hope they last better then the big box store lights).  I'll get the other tree, porch and  garden next week.  Trying to do it when neighbors are at work so they wont notice till the lights go on.  This year we are doing all Blue lights that shimmer.......I'm sure it will stand out since the neighbors all use the multi color C-9 solid on lights.


Yes...... My X-mass shopping is finished Big Smile