.......is the a preponderance of banality in some of the threads ?      I mean, this is supposed to be an informative site, but I get the feeling many threads and posts, are made for, oh how do I put this delicately,  for the swag.   OK, it wasn't delicate, but neither am I.   Looking at the weekly post counts, leads one to wonder what some people do, because, there was a time you couldn't find 700 posts a month.  Now, some people have 400/ week.  Hey it's good that the site has grown, but I wonder at the motivations of some of our posters.  Example; There were two threads last week asking for pics of sunrises, and sunsets. Well, one was both, the other was just sunsets.   I only realized it when I was looking for my own post and couldn't find it.  Then I saw the duplication.

Im not the forum police, but my god !   I'd rather see one question asking what we bring to help organize our cabin, than three questions asking ; do you bring a shoe organizer? do you bring vacuum bags? Do you bring......whatever.......

just my opinion..............but it's getting harder and harder to get around these forums sometimes.


enjoy the games