I have been in the airplane game all my professional life. For sometime now aircraft manufacturers have been playing around with the notion that cabin windows can be eliminated. That suggestion is often times met with horror and resistance.


However, to me that reaction is sort of ironic, in that one of my pet peeves is that travelers pull the shades/blinds down on both aircraft and tour coaches. Too often now we have been on a coach for a day of sightseeing only to have those across the isle keep their shades closed for a goodly portion of the tour, therefore we can't view, very well, the scenery or whatever, on their side of the coach. Makes me wonder why they ever booked the trip in the first place.


A few weeks ago we just got back from Hawaii. On departure from home the fellow occupying the window seat opposite from us kept the shad down the entire flight including departure. I love being able to see the Hawaiian Islands show up as the aircraft closes in. Not that time though, the character actually had two shades and kept them both down. I almost get claustrophobic just thinking about it.  Grrrrr!