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So I have seen a few odd ducks in my travels over the years but I was wondering what you would think is the one thing you have seen, on a cruise, that you will never forget.  For me, it was without a doubt, a doctor, whom had his 1970's hair style in full affect dancing with his, what looked to be mail order bride.  This lady had more plastic in her than I have ever seen.  She was not really paying much attention to him, but he was rocking it out with her!  Will never forget that couple as long as I live because no matter what music was playing, this fella was giving it all he had!  LOL

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I'd have to say the guy at the dining table next to my table that went face down into his dinner plate (we heard the "thunk" as he hit) . Ship staff moved him to the floor and tried CPR but did not have his head tilted back to open air way until we suggested that, then the medical staff came and tried the paddles on him, then a passenger suggested they plug the paddles in (they work better plugged in). He was taken out of the dining room in a gurney.

The next evening there was a different family at that table.

For us it was British couple. We were seated during first seating at a table for 10. The is gentleman tried engaging everyone in political discussions. Within 3 days they were seated at a table for 10 alone. He just didn't get it and wouldn't let it go, or didn't care. I thought it was interesting that they cruise line never moved them to a two top. Left them at that table for the rest of the 14 day cruise.

I would have to say the most interesting couple I've seen were a young couple in their late 20's, both confined to wheelchairs. This para couple dance every night and with the exception of a couple of port, made the excursion like every one else.

Really ? I can only post one ? That's just mean man. Let me think................

okay here it is. We were on Celebrity doing a B2B with about 10 other friends. One day, we were all on the aft deck, relaxing, drinking, having a good time, you know, cruising. Anyway, out of nowhere comes this woman, and she's topless. And only some dental floss and a bubble gum wrapper for the bottom. No one knows why she was topless. And the thing was, she really didn't have the body to be walking around like this. She was terribly thin, except for where she was a bit loose skinned ( flabby ). Not attractive. Uneven, misshapen breasteses. If you could call them that. Almost like a billy goat nursed for a week too long. Yeah, I know, it's getting visual, sorry about that. Popeye might have liked her. I never thought I would see men complain about a topless woman, but complain we did . Finally a staff member came over and explained that there were no topless areas on that ship. As she left , we all applauded. For the staff member.

LOL BAK that is hilarious!

Oh Bak----This will take all weekend to get out of my head.....

I'd have to say on our 1st cruise in 2008. There were a bunch of local, to me, firefighters on that cruise. They were wearing tshirts to represent their personal company. One day on lido one of them was yelling at a crew member. The crew member was squeegeeing the deck after it had rained. The firefighter was yelling at him saying something like, if he tripped and fell he was suing. I felt so bad for the crew member because he was just doing his job. I was a few seconds away from letting that guy have it!!! He was representing my hometown, after all.
Fast forward to the next time I saw that firefighter. His arm was in a sling. I knew not what happened at that point, but I found out after I got home. He runs with the same fire company that my brother does. He said this guy got drunk, most of the cruise, and jumped in the pool and really messed up his arm. He was out of work for months. I say, KARMA!!!

Great Story!......Crew members are only doing their jobs, just trying to work around all of us while we have fun. The firefighter got what he was begging for. Wink

Ok... We don't want this to come across as biased or rude or prejudiced but we still have when we think about these people...

1. We encountered a couple (multiple times) on the dance floor. They loved to dance and were quite good. They really looked like characters though. He was 80+, loved western clothing (bolo tie on formal night) and straw cowboy hat. His wife (perhaps gf) was in the 40-50 age range, rail thin, well-acquainted with Botox, and preferred the hoochie-mama ultrashort dress and make up look taken from somewhere in disco era. When they danced, he had this look on his face that I can only describe as a grimile or a smirmace; a combination smile and grimace. We worried that he was in pain but they kept getting up and dancing the night away for hours.

2. We were on a catamaran excursion and a large group of German cruisers came onboard to have a very good time. I've never seen a group of people consume so much alcohol and remain standing... the whole lot of them. They were hanging in the netted area near the front of the boat, singing German songs at the top of their lungs. We actually had a great time just watching them. By the end of the day, one of the ladies not only hit her limit but passed it at about 100 km/hr. With the help of a friend, she made it to the bathroom in time (you can fill in the blank on that). The two of them were still laughing as they struggled to get off the floor and back up the stairs. Within 30 minutes, both had drinks in their hands and serenaded the entire boat until we got back to the pier.

Its not biased or rude....its saw what you saw. Now some sights can burn the back of your eye sockets but it seems that you will be just fine. Wink Honestly, at the rate we are all going here-we will someday by that old couple on the dance floor.Big Smile


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