We've booked to go on a two week back to back cruise next year and despite having cruised before it has been a while and we are new to this part of the world too.

I'd welcome some advice - especially from those who have visited these destinations before and from those who have sailed on this ship recently. We're in an inside cabin on deck 4 amid ships.


1) Would you recommend the drinks packages - we've never encountered this before - one of us would like some coffees and maybe a glass of wine with dinner and perhaps we'd appreciate water in a hot climate so what is the best value way of achieving this? I don't mind paying for a special cocktail here and there as it will be a rarity.


2) There used to be somewhere you could link up with others rostered on the same cruise so that you could meet up to share excursions - I don't seem to be able to find this anymore. We're a couple of friends who would love to meet new people while exploring the ports and surrounds.


3) Dining options - we'd love to be seated with others who are gregarious and chatty - can we opt for a large table to meet others over lunch/dinner? As we are not a couple the last thing we want is a table a deux!


4) Any other comments or suggestions about the ship and us getting the most from the trip?


Thanks all