I've had to fly 3 times in 2017 and things are different ... even via TSA Pre-check...

I believe part of it is due to TSA Agent burn-out, part of it due to various groups of protesters popping up and a lot of it due to an uncertainty people are feeling when traveling ...not that there is a danger, just an uncertainty due to questions regarding travel bans even if not applicable to the individuals flying.

That said, for my future flight, I am doing two things differently.  1) Minimizing my carry-on items and 2) Arriving earlier than usual.

  • We got stuck in a TSA agent changeover of shifts and the process was a nightmare as all security check-in halted while the shift change occurred.  We had plenty of time but many people were pushing it close and almost missed flights.
  • The screening process of carry-on luggage was way more intense than usual and numerous people and their bags were pulled out of line.
  • The airlines are adhering to their baggage policies and several people were NOT allowed to bring their carry-on on board due to size and over-stuffing.
  • McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is randomly checking baggage claim tickets as people exit the baggage area.  (I have NEVER seen this in the 12 years I've been here.)

Airports I've been to recently include LAX, LAS and LGB.  The "gawking" at groups of protesters is increasing the traffic flow in the terminals and the security people seem overly stressed out...with some of the issues that have happened at airports, it's probably understandable.

This post is not intended to "scare" you - just take a little extra time and keep your personal items to a minimum to ease moving through the airport.