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I thought this might be a nice place to discuss what we "Airline" employees get as far as benefits.


I work for a major airline based out of DFW (I bet you could figure out who??).  I work in maintenance and have 32+ years with the company.  Have worked in several 'stations' - DFW, AUS, PHX, DAL, & TUL over my career.  I'm a mechanic an former CREW CHIEF of said profession. With the closing of a major maintenance base, AFW, I was afforded the ability to go back to where it all started - DFW. (Funny how all things seem to end up at the beginning).


 Anyway - As things changed over the years - and schedules / amount of RPSM (revenue - passenger - seat -miles) increases - The ability of us 'Employees' to fly 'FREE" is a misnomer...


Let me digress here - As far as I remember, employees of airlines were in fact allowed to fly free - but with one exception - We did pay taxes and fees just like normal passengers do and we have to fly 'STANDBY'.  I remember years ago (early 90's), I went to HNL for a vacation - I flew 'standby' and was awarded a first class ticket there.  Now, I know all of you are saying "WOW - First Class"  - But let me remind a few of you who are not savvy to the earlier plights of us "Airline Employees" - Protocol dictated that if I indeed was awarded a first class seat, I had to wear a "SUIT AND TIE" for the trip.  Let me ask everyone a question - How many of you have flew to Hawaii in a suit and tie?  Do you know what's like to be in an airplane cruising 7+ hrs in a suit and everyone else is in shorts and Hawaiian shirts?  Well to my benefit, the crew aboard was great.  The #1 flight attendant came up to me after we got to cruising altitude and asked if I had anything else to wear.  I said yes, and she then told me to go change into it.  What a difference, my flight there was to be remembered for life!!   I I might tell the story at a later time of said flight attendant was single and so was I  !! Wink


So - Fast forward to today - Believe it or not - I "BUY" tickets to go on vacation.  While it is true I get discounts on the lowest fare published, I still pay what everyone else does.  I might get XXX$ off the fare (believe me it's not as much as you think).  I usually fly into the city of cruise the day before because, (ah-Your getting it now), in case the flight is delayed and grab a hotel. 


You want to know the funniest thing??  I often use my miles to get tickets!!!!!  Go figure!!


Flame me if you want!!  i will answer any questions you throw out there.


Happy Cruising!!




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Thanks for your input about your profession. Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy many conversations with us.

I enjoyed the information. Thanks for sharing!

I worked in the airline industry for most of 20 years and rode NR (Non-Revenue) whenever I flew and prior to that, because my parents worked in that business, I was riding NR as well. I was an asst. mechanic, then a pilot, then a V.P. then even had my own gig (Air Taxi). Even had "must ride" first class passes for a while. It wasn't until I was 33 years old that I bought my first airline ticket, since I had moved over into the Airport Management side of the industry and couldn't ride free anymore. Today our son-in-law is CFO of a large air cargo carrier so our daughter is always playing the "standby" game since she travels quite a bit as they own a condo on the Kona Coast, so I hear her war stories about the contemporary aspects of "free" travel. I certainly identify and agree with your comments. I recall back in my airline days that we used to laugh about how we could get passes pretty easily to any where in the world and the hotels all gave us great rates in their best of rooms and suites. Trouble was, we couldn't take advantage of that since they hardly paid us a living wage and we got no time off. LOL

I've been working for an airline for just over 25years. When I first started I could get non-rev first class just about every time.

It's so bad now I rarely fly non-rev anymore. I buy regular tickets.

One nice benefit is getting discounts on cruise travel. Not sure if I'm allowed to post the website here that I use but I can give you the name through the ShipMate app if your interested (if you don't have it already).

I too work for an airline, and have enjoyed the many benefits of non-revving.

Of course, having to take vacation, it was great to just get off a 21-day cruise during my entire vacation! Met many great people, did many excursions, and can't wait to do it all again!

I would say one comment for all of "US" who have worked in this industry - It has changed so much so that if i were to do it again -probably NO - The benefits are gone, along with my pension, the "perks" are few and far between. A lot of people, most who have not worked in the industry, would scoff at my last statement, but alas, due to mergers, bankruptcies and other factors, it just seems to me it's not worth it anymore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but working in the 'Airline' transportation industry is not like it was 20 or even 30 years ago....Just my 3 cents here......

Have invested most of my life with my current employer (I have 30+ years), it just seems --------wrong???


I agree. I love working on planes but if I were to do it over again I'd choose something else that would guarantee that I would not be stuck on graveyard shift for most of my career.

And these airlines that have yanked pensions is absolutely criminal. My airline no longer offers pensions for people being hired now. They haven't yanked pensions for people that already have them but I wouldn't be surprised if it were to happen.

Another aspect of the airline industry that I do not like is how the airlines, including mine, are treating passengers more and more like cattle. I care about people and hate seeing people getting treated like crap because our company's policy is getting to be more and more: "Charge as much as you can without driving people off, but give as little as possible".

Which is why I usually drive to Florida for a cruise rather than fly Sad


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