in a couple of hours, a thread will be coming back.  It's a simple introduction from the poster.     The poster and I have a history.    The poster,  joined Funville, and immediately began alienating people.   Many took their knowledge and left.    I believe he holds the record for having threads and posts removed by the moderators.  

He would insult posters, calling one in particular, fat.   She wasn't.   He insulted one person about wearing white to a wedding.   He claimed good Christian values.   Lies were posted daily.   Seldom offering any advice or help, posting only to stir the pot.   One of the best, was he led someone on about meeting him on a cruise and hanging out.   Of course, not being real, was not on the cruise, and poor J--- was never heard from again.     Those of you from FV know what will happen here.   This is a nice quiet forum.   Let's keep it that way.



i will do my best to ignore the poster, I promise.   I can always hit that little flag.