I'm not saying I'm addicted to cruising, but I had a DREAM  I was on the VISTA, and as we were sailing in the SUNSHINE I could feel the BREEZE blowing on me. I felt like a gladiator enjoying the VICTORY from his TRIUMPH on his latest CONQUEST, and all the GLORY and VALOR that comes with it. It was like a FANTASY with a true SENSATION of the PRIDE I felt that I now have the LIBERTY to live in FREEDOM. The SPLENDOR of the scenery was pure ECSTASY and this great ELATION came over me I felt like a true LEGEND. When I awoke it was like MAGIC, my  IMAGINATION took over and gave me the INSPIRATION to book another cruise, it didn't take a MIRACLE with all my FASCINATION for the ships to find the perfect cruise. Now I just have to wait to enjoy the PARADISE, that's the CARNIVAL  SPIRIT we should all have.