How much risk is too much risk

In light of the recent events posted. How much risk is too much on a shore excursion?

This was a vehicle accident, but what about other risks on shore visits?

Has anyone experienced unique, scary or humourous events while on excursions. Also what would you not recommend.


Just throwing the idea out there.

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As regards risks on excursions I believe the biggest danger is not being aware of your surroundings. Read up on the place you are visiting and try not to wander around areas that look a bit dodgy. Jamaica comes to mind, as certain places there are definitely where you have to be on your guard. I have read that Naples can be another area to be careful. I am sure that there are other places worldwide that are the same. Not trying to frighten people off taking shore excursions, just advising to be cautious.

Not that we are scared of the surroundings, we generally book excursions through the cruise line as they are responsible for you, etc. Not to say that there couldn't be issues even with them. Exercising caution and using best judgement is definitely key in your safety while in any port.

As well, doing research on each port, reading reports and such helps prior to your cruise.

In St Maarten, a friend of ours wandered off Front street. I suddenly looked around and saw all these people just watching the two American tourists. I just grabbed him and said it was time to go. He wanted to keep looking at the old buildings, but I convinced him that leaving now, would be the prudent thing to do. Weird how a NYer thinks.

I can see my wife wandering off a block or two or three as she gazes for photo ops. many is the time I have to snag her as she wanders to0 close to the edge of one of our WV mountains Big Smile

Accidents, such as the bus, will happen in any port regardless of who is sponsoring the excursion and regardless of any actions the individual may take.

As far as personal safety, though, passengers should always stay in a group. Females should always be in the company of males (not trying to be sexist here, simply stating that a female(s) with a male(s) is a less likely target).

Most thieves are after targets of opportunity -- no witnesses and easy to get bags and packages -- deny them. Keep your bags under your physical control (bags in front, wallets in front pockets or other hard to get to area), keep your cash distributed through several spots on your body (pockets, socks, shoes, or anywhere else your imagination lets you). Have friendly witnesses (other passengers) with you or very nearby.

Lastly, don't get so caught up in your security that you forget to have fun. Most of those "mean, spooky natives" are simply laughing at your funny shorts and Hawaiian shirtBig Smile

When in Italy we took the excursion to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. Up the mountain it is the old Roman roads zig zagging back and forth up the mountain with hair pin turns. On the way up the driver was going rather fast and as he approached each turn he just laid on the horn and kept on going...... this had a lot of the passengers nervous. We were dropped off at the parking lot to hike the last few miles to the top of the volcano. When we were all coming back down to the bus the driver was on the phone having an argument, yelling in Italian on the phone. When we were driving back down the mountain the driver was going fast, laying on the horn around the curves and yelling in Italian. The passengers we SOOOO happy when we got off the zig zag road. Sitting in the front row around the curve you did not see any road, just over the cliff. It was a white knuckler ride.

Another cruise we were in Mexico and one of our friends back home asked us to pick up a Mexican Candy for him. Of the 3 of us one of our friends is rather naive about the world. We are walking down the street looking for a candy store, a guy standing outside of a strip bar with Tattoo sleeves and neck with shaved head asked "Can I help you guys find anything" Two of us say "Thanks, were good" the naive one says "WE are looking for a candy store, we need a special type of candy" The tattoo guy says "come on in, we have candy, all kinds of candy" The two of us were pulling him down the street saying "Thanks, but he meant candy made of sugar, we are good" LOL Tattoo guy had perfect English and looked like a gang banger that had been deported from the states. It is years later and we still tease him about that. But I will not go back into Mexico with him.

Our coach was stopped and boarded by local police in Mexico. It seems that the cruise line sponsored coach was not acceptable to the local taxi drivers who were "concerned for our welfare" supposedly. The coach was in great condition but probably lacked some kind of permit to carry tourists and the taxi drivers wanted more business plain and simple. We blocked the taxi drivers from responding to calls by standing in the road. Eventually our coach was escorted back to the ship by the police. It was a bit scary but the police realized that we were just caught in the middle. They were polite to us but firm that we couldn't continue the tour. It was almost over anyway. I do not, however, want to return to Costa Maya again. The company that the cruise line used was the one at fault as far as I am concerned. You could not tell just looking at the coach that anything was amiss.

If you ever take him to Korea, make sure you don't take him "flower" shopping Surprised


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