Now, I don't mean which ship or itinerary.  I mean, things like, oh........What does my cabin look like ?   Not my category, my exact cabin ?  Cabin 10416 on the Breakaway ? Any photos?    Why ??????  Do you plan on bringing your own curtains ?  Or how about my biggest pet peeve.....How much soda can I bring? My husband just has to have his Mountain Dew...or we only drink Pepsi but the ship serves Coke !  If I can't have Pepsi my cruise will be ruined !!!!!!!    

See, the problem is, there is waaaaaay too much info on this interweb thingy.  Also, so called adults, become children when they can't have something.  Really !?  You can't do without a brand of soda for one lousy week ???????

These forums are great, but they provide a way for people to plan to the smallest insignificant detail.  Years ago, you booked a cruise through a TA. Oh you could ask a few questions, but after a couple or three, you would be told, " you'll get a packet in the mail that will answer all your questions ". Then, about oh, 3 maybe 2 weeks before sailing, just as you're about to pick up the phone wondering if your funds disappeared, you received an envelope.  And inside, were your plane tickets, cruise docs, transfers, luggage tags, and a couple of lovely pamphlets.  In there, somewhere, was a FAQ page.  There were perhaps, 10-15 questions, and answers, all relevant, regarding your cruise. Anything else, you found out on board.  I don't remember ever needing to know things like....who the CD was.  Or, what is the square footage of my cabin ?  Or, how many other ships will be in port the same day as us ?   We didn't care.   Never even entered our minds.  All we knew was, we were getting ready for an amazing vacation.  All I need to know, is, is my passport valid, do we have enough cash, is the pet sitter clear on the dates.....that's it !!!!!

the Internet is an enabler for OCD people. Nothing left to chance. Every detail must be planned ahead of time.No room for surprises. No, winging it !   

People,'s a cruise. Best vacation in the world. I don't care if it rains every day. I'm still not at work. We have entertainment. We have great food.  And pools.  I would go in the pool in the rain. I don't care ! Wet is wet is wet.  

So please......don't worry about things that are out of your control.  Just enjoy the time in the islands, or Alaska, or Europe, or the entire world.

And one day, soon, I hope and pray, cruiselines will stop permitting soda to be brought onboard.  Grow up folks. It's only a week. Do without the Dew.  I have yet to crave my Dr Browns Celery Tonic so bad, that I felt the need to lug cases of it on vacation.


rant over

we now return you to your scheduled forum perusal