for those of us who have been cruising awhile, when you look at the changes over the years ( versus the recent changes ), how much longer do you see yourselves cruising ? What I mean is, changes are ok, if they enhance the overall cruise experience. Lately however, most changes seem to either separate more money from you, or something is done away with.  Many of these seem like nickel and dime things that were decided by people who either don't cruise, or cruise in the presidential suites and never leave them. If we mention the Grand Buffet, newbies invariably ask " what's that ?".  I understand it was somewhat wasteful, but I wonder if it really wasn't anything more than a bottom line financial decision.  Are some financial decisions made under the guise of environmentally friendly efforts, such as no tablecloths in Carnival's MDR's?

I hate to bring up passengers, but it seems like a whole new breed of people are cruising. People who have no manners. No interactive skills. No sense of a dress code. And people who are more concerned with WiFi strength on the ship, than what some of these islands have to offer.

I'm going to the RV show in Hershey, Pa. in September.  I'll let you know how that goes.