I hope I’m not repeating a previous thread, couldn’t find it if so.


Anyway, we are getting our dollar bills lined up for our forthcoming voyage and we got to talking about tipping those we take pictures of. I was curious as to the amount others pay.


If I decide to take someone’s picture I always get their okay. Usually do this by holding up the camera and nodding my head “okay”. Usually that is what they are there for anyway and want you to take their picture. Then I give them a dollar, once in a while if they have dressed up and have a real colorful shop or something I go two or three. Mimes in Europe are probably worth the most due effort and imaginative costumes, but one could go broke since there are so many, so I don’t take pictures of them often. If you want to see someone get real PO'd just let them catch you sneaking the picture without compensation. 


I hate it when I want to take a picture of someone and what they are doing and I don’t have any ones, just fives and tens. So before we get off the ship we make sure we have some ones.


Did learn something years ago when we circumnavigated Africa. The poor folks selling stuff on the piers are usually overloaded with US ones by the end of the day. When they exchange US ones for their local currency with the banks the banks screw them over if they just have small denominations. They get a much better rates with 10s, 20s or 50s. So just before they pull the gangway a lot of us run off and trade their ones for larger US bills.