Recently, we took a cruise on the NCL Breakaway.  4000+ pax! and big.    I mean BIG !   Normally, we wouldn't have even considered a ship this big, but she is new, and she calls NY home.   No flying is attractive to us.   

Be prepared to walk a lot !!!!    

So my question is, how big will the ships get, before people realize they prefer smaller ships ?   First timers LOVE big ships.  They are amazed at all the attractions such as water slides, rope courses, food venues, etc.    But what about experienced cruisers ?  I know we prefer smaller ships.   We had a great time, don't get me wrong.    But the economy isn't exactly improving, despite news reports to the contrary.    So, who is going to fill these ships ?   When you consider the costs of airfare, hotel, cruise, excursion monies, and finally, spending can easily be looking at a $6000 week for a family.    That's a tasty chunk of disposable income.    So what happens when these ships don't get filled ?    What will happen to thes floating cities ?   And they are just that....cities.    


Cruiselines, smaller ships, and refurb your older ones.   There is no need for these behemoths.   The bigger you get, the longer the tender ride is to shore. And some can't take those tender rides.