Carnival is looking to publish a book based on their cruise ships and destinations.  Here is the catch, they want to use your photos.  You won't get paid, but you will get a photo credit for each image used.  Entries must be received by midnight January 31, 2017 for consideration.  All photos should be printed as 8x10 with all pertinent info included. Name,ship, sail date, camera settings.  Only JPEG, so no PhotoShop allowed.   No uploads, or electronic memory cards, only hard copies.  Once sent, they own them. Which means they can use any photo they receive in the future for any use ( without a photo credit )

B&W are also permitted, and may be used depending on the subject.

Obviously nothing tasteless or crude. No selfies will be considered.  Pictures of and around their ships are acceptable, but no food pics.


so here is your chance to earn some bragging rights.


The book, when published, will be available in their ship's stores and on their website.

send your protected photos to their corporate offices in Florida.   Attn : special photo projects / entry / book




good luck and happy shooting