The other day I discovered I had a cruise booked and not even know it. My BF got an email from RCI with a booking number on it, so I went into my cruises, entered the info and sure enough, we are on a cruise in May out of baltimore. I was very confused, woke him up even and neither of us booked it. There was a linked booking and it was his parents. Not sure if they remember doing that while on our last cruise but I didn't think they were able to sail for a bit, and his mom told us a few weeks ago thy wouldn't be able to cruise until their dog passes. 


Poor customer service guy. I told him this might be the strangest question, and I'm hoping I'm not ruining a surprise, but there is a cruise I'm booked for that I never booked... Still have to talk to the rents and see what the deal is. I was confused, then excited, and worried all in the matter of a few seconds. 


Heres to hoping we can sail!