Hey there! I'm Shari- 36 years old, single mother, full-time registered nurse, part-time graduate student.  I LOVE CRUISING!!! Sorry, didn't really mean to yell, but sometimes the words just burst out of me. Happy  I'm still pretty new to all of this.  My 3rd cruise is in July this year, but I know that 2 previous cruises by no means makes me an expert.  Tell me all your secrets! LOL! On the Carnival Breeze July 31 and then the Vista on June 3, 2017.  Who is going??? Come with me! I'm so excited about this.  Can't wait.  Planning and plotting my vacations away, even though I know we probably won't even stick to the plan (except the part where we get on the ship, LOL!).  I'm so glad there's this whole world of people out there who have the experience in cruising that I hope to have someday!