Has this happened to you?

I booked and paid a deposit for April 2019.  I skipped this year because of work and other travel.  So I got myself back into cruise thoughts again.  Anyway my topic is... I booked CCL.  All good.  I owe $1594 after deposit.  No problem.  I have 6 months to pay it.  I'll pay $150 every two weeks.  EZ peasy.  So on the site. I carefully selected... Make a payment.  Three choices show.  All of it now or 5 auto payments. Or... Make another payment... I select that and typed 150.00.  Submit... BAM!!!! Congrats.  Your cruise is paid off!  WTF... So yep.. Bank account minus the $1594.  So... I call.. And they credit me back so my profile shows I owe $1394 because I said give me my dough back minus $200.  Hopefully I'll be whole again because I have to wait 3-6 business days for the bank to get it back.  OK.. I have the means to pay it off no problem... Buy why give them the money?  My concern is.. We've all read where folks save for a long time to pay for a cruise.  What if the above happened to someone who has a few grand in the bank and able to make payments.  And BAM the cruise line takes all there money and ties it up???? Sorry about the rant... It just bugs me and wanted to be clear....

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This is one reason I like to talk to a real person, I am notorious for hitting a button that isn't what i wanted and can't get it back. I have a PVP at Carnival and one at Princess. If I book with another cruise line in the future, I will talk to someone, be it a representative of said cruise line or a TA. I also have them repeat back what I asked for and what I am getting, just on case I wasn't clear in the first place.

Hope it all works out for you as expected. In case you need a number and/or name at Princess for the cruise next month.... send me a PM.Wink

No it hasn't...so I can't speak from personal experience in "this" matter...but I can tell you that when the bean counters and computer geeks are in charge of the asylum....well....you frankly, lucked out in a manner of speaking. I have NEVER EVER used a bank card for this kind of stuff...its always a credit card, and its easy to hit the dispute button. THAT I have done more often than I can remember...and, fwiw, Ive almost always won. getting a cooperative person on the phone is ….frustrating...and "chat" well.....anything out of the ordinary and yer screwed...I think this happens more often than anyone would want to admit. The point is, exercise great care when clicking buttons...even the right ones....cut your losses, you came out ok (you think)….deep breaths and appropriate fluids....

And Aunt Pinkie...call us old fashioned, but although I don't have a problem making reservations on line, we almost ALWAYS wind up talking to a rep sooner or later...never fails. Do we NEED to??? probably not...but we always seem to have questions....its comforting to talk to a human...especially one who knows what theyre doing....a rare thing these days...

I don't mind being called "old fashioned". I think the older I get the more cautious I become and the less I trust these machines and/or my command of these machines. Caution has gotten me this far in life, hope it continues to get me farther.Wink

Sorry for the tangent, Todd

Yeh TODD sorry bout that left turn.....Agree with you 100% AUNTPINKIE...one thing about talking to someone, no matter what the organization...if they wont send you an email confirmation, you may discover that what you talked about never happened...or wasn't what you wanted...or said....that HAS happened to me...and that REALLY frosts me....

That hasn’t happened to me. But I can see how it could. I think these big corporation website gurus purposely make some things confusing in order to trip us up.

Along those lines I was visiting San Diego years ago. I went to buy a metro train ticket from one of the machines and I accidentally bought seven tickets instead of one! I still don’t know how that happened. I had the receipt and the extra tickets so after my trip I sent them to San Diego Transit Authority along with a humble letter pointing out my condition of being easily confused and kindly requested a refund for the unused tickets acknowledging that I understood if they responded “No”.

Well those fine folks in San Diego sent me a refund and a nice letter. San Diego has been and continues to be my favorite city.

Thanks and I agree with all of you. I know for a fact I didn't make a slip of the finger either. I have know doubt CCL refunded the money I just have to wait a few days. If I don't see it I have the proof.. Let me tell you.. I love Wells Fargo.. If you sick them on something of fraud they are pitbulls. Also.. Lesson learned... I like booking in the sight bit every payment will be quickly done via on the phone with a representative. They answer the phone quickly.

And no .. you are not old fashioned ... you are renaissance. Wink

That has never happened to us. Probably because the opportunity has never been there. We usually only pay once. We make out deposit when we book and then usually 3 or 4 days before final payment we pay in full. Our way of thinking is that is we are going to pay in installments we do that to one of out own accounts and then the cruise lines gets it just before final payment is due.

Agreed OLD GREY...the deposit is minimal...and since the balance is due 90 days prior, we just stick it on our 2% back CITI, and pay the balance every month anyway. Got that one couple years back and durn near charge everything on it. Got almost enuff reward $$ to pay for a full cruise outright....They don't make any $$ on us. and CITI has never even twitched when I dispute something anyway. Then 60 out I can finish my edocs…..

We always book through a travel agent so this doesn't happen with us. But I try to be so careful when I am booking shore excursions.


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