My wife and I were booked for a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean for Jan 2017 but due to the recent studies of the zika virus that show that it is much more of a concern than initially thought my wife wanted to change our cruise venue. We live in Waterloo Ontario where there is no chance of the virus and all of the Caribbean islands have reported cases with the exception of Bermuda. I guess it being isolated on its own as it is the virus has not migrated there. Initially I was a bit disappointed looking forward to being in the Caribbean again but I can understand her concerns since recently a number of studies are now showing that the virus attacks brain cells and has been linked to a number of neurological disorders. So I made the call tonight to cancel our 10 day Caribbean for an 2017 and instead booked a 7 day Bermuda for May 2017. I guess the only real down side is a few days less and now have to wait an extra three months. But I digress. Has anyone else altered or changed plans because of this?