Just FYI, The cruise line will not follow up on reports from passengers post cruise for any reason (unless the issue was a maritime legality issue) especially when they feel the issue has been acknowledged and the source uncovered and resolved to the best of their ability. They stated that the issue had been reported prior to your cruise, so it is a known issue. I don't see why you would think they would lie about it. Sometimes, if parts need to be ordered to correct the issue, they have to be shipped and with the vessel constantly cruising, they have to wait until their in their homeport to receive and install the part. They offered you a discount on a future cruise, though I feel they should have offered you OBC (On-Board Credit) for the cruise you were on, so I personally feel they did the best they could regarding a situation that they were aware of. I would recommend you write (not email) a letter to the RCCL corporate office explaining exactly what you have described. Although, I'm afraid they won't offer you anything more than a discount on a future cruise as well. I have been on 10 cruises (the last two on RCCL) and never received a post cruise questionnaire so don't feel singled out. They don't send them to everybody I guess.