I decided to post this because I've been in here so long its like i actually "know" some folks in here even tho we've never met. The good ol CDC, no matter what you may think of them, has changed the rules yet again as to who qualifies for the vaccine. i notice the SECY of something or other has decided to cut loose the reserve...hmmmm....Our GOV in a state which shall go IS cyber after all..has changed out rules accordingly. As of this coming mon 1/18, we are officially geezers...A few days ago, I started making calls to places that were "supposed " to be able to administer htese shots, per the states official list'

Good thing Im a cynic to begin with, because it didn't surprise me one bit that no two of them had anything close to the proper info as I understood it. or when they would be getting the vaccine, or how they were going to administer it. You would laff at some of the conversations, except its not a bit funny..We saw the outrageous lines in FL..I was getting ready to load up the beach chairs and a cooler, and leave at midnite or earlier....Do what you gotta do i thought.

As luck would have it, near the bottom of my list of sites I called a pharmacy...not a national chain but they have about 2 doz locations around the midwest. They were the only ones with a computerized registration process...we signed up. Got to thinking about it...(dangerous I know)...called em up...asked how many people were on that list and where were we? (it computerized, they should know) Well learned two the few days since they started they have thousands of names on the list...and...TAADAA!! our appt is next thurs 1:30 pm.,,and yes you get an id card, and your next appt for the booster, and you hang around for awhile to make sure you dont keel over.

I would suggest you spend some time (if you haven't already) and do your best to reserve a place. they won't magically show up on your porch. Don't believe what you hear as gospel...most of these people know less than you think. wrong info can be worse than no info. Make it a project. I wound up with notes all over a clipboard...pretend its a screwed up cruise and you have to do what you have to do to unscrew it.

I'll let y'all know how it goes...assuming it really happens...

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Happy to have in this club as well as the cruising family!

AUNTIE...your post didn't appear...until I posted that it didn't appear.....yukyuk...who noticed recently that seems to work?

I was singing "My Shot" from "Hamilton" the entire time I got both my shots, I was that excited!

A lot of folks in my state got their shots last weekend. I live in NH and Governor Sununu opened up Louden International Speedway as soon as the first doses of Johnson And Johnson arrived. 12,000 shots were placed in arms during that weekend!

Texas just announced that as of Monday, 3/15, they will open vaccines to phase 1C - persons aged 50+.

Great, I thought. I called the San Antonio Health department. "All lines are busy. Please try again later. CLICK". They hung up on me 4 times before I gave up. I tried the number for the Laredo Health Department. "This number has been disconnected". I tried one place that showed they had 300 vaccines available. "We are out of vaccines today. Please try again Monday." I was able to ask if they would be allowing people in the 1C category to get the vaccine on Monday - "We are currently only vaccinating people over age 65." Yeah, but the Governor stated that as of Monday, 1c would be open - is that determination left up to the site or is it a statewide opening? "I don't have any information on that. Please call again Monday."

Just once, I would like to find somebody that knew anything about what was going on in their profession and willing to help a customer.Angry

I guess on Monday at 0001 hrs I will start the load/refresh routine on the vaccine scheduling pages.

HEY BD....go waaaaay back to my initial post that started this thread....(I had no idea it would grow like some kind of bamboo stand.....but I digress)...I am comforted to know that nothing much has changed....besides, I thought all you Texans were immortal, couldn't be bothered with this stuff.......j/k!!!! seriously...good luck....

We ARE immortal - but the Cruise Lines do not accept our Texas cards!!Big Smile

As I recall, your advice was to spam all the pages until something opened up. Just hope the sites are updated to accept the phase 1C.

yeh, between that and endessly calling, we scored...I still can't really explain how it got any idea how many Texans are actually in 1c, plus alot of left overs from the other groups, minus enough to cover the second shots of those due for em....kind of interesting how the bureaucracy from one state to the next manages it...or mismanages it...

Admittedly, I will be happily surprised if I am able to get it scheduled on Monday, but will start trying anyway.

Got my final Moderna shot 2 days ago. Got lucky my church was designated one of the mass distribution centers. However, getting the word out to the public the first week was a little slow and the appointment days were Friday - Monday. Although, I had registered for the shot on website I hadn’t heard anything so I decided to ride by to what process was. At that time they were taking walk-ins because not enough people knew they were up running and didn’t want the vaccine to go to waste. All the local TV stations covered the event and now you must have an appointment.

As for the shots:

First shot

Day one: The shot wasn’t bad, but I immediately felt the vaccine being dispensed in my arm. In 2 hours my arm was sore around injection and my upper forearm. I took 2 Aleve and rested the rest of the day.

Day Two: Forearm still sore. No worst, no better. Took 2 Aleve went about my day.

Day Three: Majority of my soreness gone. Only sore at the injection sight.

Day Four: No soreness

Second shot:

Day One: Barely felt the shot, only felt the vaccine a little, not like the first shot. It took about 4 hour for my arm to get sore. About same as last time. Took 2 Aleve and rested.

Day Two: Arm still sore, but add a really bad headache and some minor body aches I’m out of it most of the day. Having difficulty sleeping also. Took 2 Aleve every 12 hours.

Day Three: Headache gone, Body aches gone. Arm soreness gone except for the injection sight. This was a small price to pay to be safe and to protect love ones and others.

My wife and I are still waiting for our age / priority group to open up to register for our shots. Once that is done they say it will take 4 - 6 weeks till we are contacted with appointments for the first shot. We got my Dad registered Monday and he was lucky enough to get a call yesterday and is getting his first one today.


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