I decided to post this because I've been in here so long its like i actually "know" some folks in here even tho we've never met. The good ol CDC, no matter what you may think of them, has changed the rules yet again as to who qualifies for the vaccine. i notice the SECY of something or other has decided to cut loose the reserve...hmmmm....Our GOV in a state which shall go IS cyber after all..has changed out rules accordingly. As of this coming mon 1/18, we are officially geezers...A few days ago, I started making calls to places that were "supposed " to be able to administer htese shots, per the states official list'

Good thing Im a cynic to begin with, because it didn't surprise me one bit that no two of them had anything close to the proper info as I understood it. or when they would be getting the vaccine, or how they were going to administer it. You would laff at some of the conversations, except its not a bit funny..We saw the outrageous lines in FL..I was getting ready to load up the beach chairs and a cooler, and leave at midnite or earlier....Do what you gotta do i thought.

As luck would have it, near the bottom of my list of sites I called a pharmacy...not a national chain but they have about 2 doz locations around the midwest. They were the only ones with a computerized registration process...we signed up. Got to thinking about it...(dangerous I know)...called em up...asked how many people were on that list and where were we? (it computerized, they should know) Well learned two the few days since they started they have thousands of names on the list...and...TAADAA!! our appt is next thurs 1:30 pm.,,and yes you get an id card, and your next appt for the booster, and you hang around for awhile to make sure you dont keel over.

I would suggest you spend some time (if you haven't already) and do your best to reserve a place. they won't magically show up on your porch. Don't believe what you hear as gospel...most of these people know less than you think. wrong info can be worse than no info. Make it a project. I wound up with notes all over a clipboard...pretend its a screwed up cruise and you have to do what you have to do to unscrew it.

I'll let y'all know how it goes...assuming it really happens...

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They don't want you to pre-medicate and take the medicine BEFORE the shot. After the shot is fine.

My mom and I spoke with all the doctors and nurses we work with (we're both healthcare workers, so there's A LOT of them that we know!). All have said that Tylenol and other OTC medications are fine AFTER the shot but not BEFORE. If you pre-medicate, you're blunting the side effects that you want. Afterwards is fine. I took Advil every 4 hours after my shots both times.

Few posts back is the commentary and link to the CDC....CQ has it exactly need to suffer needlessly...IF you have side effects that are "bad enough"...take some acetominophen....btw, i wonder if there are any serious drugs you should confer with your MD over when getting a shot???

Well another day and all is well! Had a bit of an upset stomach last night, I drank some spice tea not spiced with alcohol, I know some of you were thinking that!) and it settled in plenty of time to let me sleep most of the night. Needed Tylenol about an hour after scheduled time, because the discomfort woke me up. Yes, the directions suggest no pre-medications and no other vaccinations within 14 days either before or after.

Good luck Yankee!

I made myself a wonderful cocktail of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Naproxen Sodium, and d it made it so I could sleep. LMAO

Oh good grief!!!! BARKEEP!!!!! DRY HERE!!!!!

AND.....taaa-daah!! got our second bout an hour was reactions yet, but there's plenty of time...heheheheh

Welllllllll..after #2, almost a day, nothing, just a little tenderness at the injection site, just like the first time...not even worth mentioning....she claims i'm not human....she has a headache, arm so sore she can't really lift it, last nite chills, but they're gone this am, now some muscle aches and a general feeling of malaise....taking acetominophen and laying around....grey day anyway....we decided to chill for another week or so and give the stuff a chance to do its thing towards as much immunity as possible before we start wandering around....after all this time, whats another week?

Feeling awful for a day or two is a small price to pay! That was my thought going into it. Glad the Mrs. is on the mend and that you had no reaction.

Glad y'all are doing alright. My dad finally got his 1st through the VA in Buffalo. He met King Andy's requirements too, but couldnt get a appointment until Late March...:facepalm:

The bigger the organization, the more potential for confusion and bureaucratic ineptitude....glad your father got his shot...i assume they set him up for #2???


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