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Why do people get so opinionated about what others do on a cruise IF it does not directly impact them? Unless someone is gambling with your money, blowing smoke in your face or drunkingly puking on your shoes - what difference does it make?

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Gambling? It's their money and they can do what they want to with it. And I've met more who claim they won than lost.

Smoking, they can smoke all the want in the Casino because I don't gamble.

Drinking... no reason to be drinking and puking on someone's shoes and leaving a mess someone will need to clean up after you. OH, that puke pile that a falling down stupid drunk left? A cruiser stepped in it and left a nasty comment on on how that cruise lines leaves nasty messes on a dirty ship.

I completely agree with you and would like to add that what others wear even in the MDR has no affect on how much I enjoy my cruise.

I agree and disagree. When I see stupid annoying behavior, it quietly irritates me whether is directly impacts me or not.

Don't come to Vegas lol - it would make you nuts ...especially the pedestrians that walk right out in the street expecting cars to stop...

Non-drinker, non-gambler, smoker here Big Smile I promise never to smoke where I am not supposed to and never to blow smoke in your face (unless you deliberately sit in a smoking area and gripe about the smoking--had that happen on the Magic. DH wouldn't let me retaliate Crying)

I don't care who drinks and who gambles or how you dress. My smoking does affect others, so I do my best to follow the rules and be considerate. Your drinking, dress, and gambling doesn't affect me in the least, so none of my business. Unless you puke on my shoes........

"Don;t puke on my blue suede shoes..." maybe that isn't quite the lyrics but it is the right message.Wink The old saw about "your rights end where my rights begin", is most appropriate here. It doesn't ruin my dinner when people dress poorly for the dining room, it just makes me sad that some folks think the rules/guidelines do not apply to them. I like to dress-up, so I may be offending those who think I'm "overdressed" but I am still within the guidelines of approved dress code. As long as you don't push me off a stool so you can have the slot machine I'm playing, your gambling doesn't bother me. I just wish I was as lucky as some of you in the casino. Sometimes I accidentally walk through a smoking area (honestly I forget where they are) and I am sorry if I cough or wave my hand in front of my nose. I'm not upset you are smoking, I am just limiting the effect of the smoke on my poor judgement. In other words, you do your thing and I'll do mine as long as we don't infringe on each other no harm no foul.

Note: "you" and "your" are meant to be generic not aimed at any specific person.

I can care less what you do as long as it does not effect me. You want to give away your money in a Casino, go for it (after living a year in Las Vegas, I'm over that) You want to drink, go for that, just stay away from me when your driving. You want to smoke, keep that far away from me.

I will have to say most smokers are more polite about it now then they were 30 years ago. I can remember when I was about 20 a buddy and I were sitting at the counter of the local diner, we were the only ones at a 40 foot long counter and near the back end. some lady, about 45 years old comes in, sits rite down next to me and lights up. I said "can you please move, I do not want your smoke as I eat" she replied "it's a free country I can sit where I want" my final words to her were "Its a free country, I can take that smoke out of your hand and put it out in your ----ing dinner" She got up and moved.

Debbie: I have not been back to Vegas in decades........ Is the Vineyard restaurant still in the Boulevard Mall ? When walking up to the main Mall entrance on the left wall was a single wood door with stained glass in it. Back in the 80's it was a little mob hang out that had the best Italian food.

The way a person wants to dress is totally up to them. If they over dress or under dress, it isn't up me to take issue with them.

If they under dress, it's up to me if I want to pay the price of my DGF catching me looking.

I can't get all worked up over guests engaging in the activities you mention either. I've never had a problem with smokers, although I was greatly concerned when HAL was the only North American major who allowed cigar and cigarette balcony smoking since we didn't want to get stuck with a cigar smoker on the adjacent balcony for a 6 week cruise. To wait until we got on board and discovered we had inherited one of these cigar smokers would have been too late. Dress codes are another enigma. What difference does it make to me what others wear? Well, we like formal but it definitely is destined for the dustbin of history. A lot of lines have done away with formal to satisfy the preference of the average cruiser today, however, I've noted some proponents of relaxed dress have began to question the more lenient dress practices of others. As a result I see confusion and anarchy in dress practices causing degradation in the quality of the cruise experience for many. As an example, sometime back an advocate, of dress as you like, was really put off when a fairly hairy robust fellow entered the buffet dressed only in one of these male G-string like thongs. Be careful what you wish for.


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